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Bingo wings

What is another word for "bingo wings"?
To blitz those bingo wings, youll need to burn fat, build muscle and banish toxin build-up, but dont worry - our arm-toning regime will slot easily into your daily schedule. Just think about that moment when you go to grab your cover-up cardigan and realise you dont need it any more.
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Bingo wings definition: areas of loose or flabby skin on the upper arm, esp in women, which hang down when the | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
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Synonyms for bingo wings include auntie arms, bat wings, dinner lady arms, nan flaps, nanna wobble, sugargliders, tuck shop arms and tuck shop lady arms. Find more similar words at!
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The 30-day bingo wings challenge: It couldn’t be easier to get started. Simply download your own 30-day bingo wings challenge using the link below, print it off and stick it up somewhere that will motivate you to do your daily exercises for bingo wings (or not if it happens to be a rest day – hoorah!).
Bingo wings: 13 tips and exercises for bingo wings to rid
Bingo Wings is a story about luck and love that takes you on a flight of fantasy that’s funny, moving and spectacular. This exciting new Fidget Feet production, blending circus, aerial dance and theatre, is delivered by an award-winning team including director Jo Mangan, choreographer Chantal McCormick, playwright Tom Swift and composer Jym Daly.
Bingo wings definition and meaning | Collins English bingo wings
Loose, flabby upper-arm flesh of (usually) fat women in cap-sleeved rayon blouses who attend bingo halls. Bingo wing development can be accelerated by consuming vast quantities of C.Cola and burgers. See also bingo flaps, though my def has more ring to it!
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We don’t serve chips at Bingo Wings for the simple reason that they don’t travel well. When we wrote the menu we wanted to ensure that everything was created with the travel time in mind. Because of this all of our dishes travel well. Including the Turbo Pickles.
How to get rid of your bingo wings with 6 simple exercises bingo wings
The offensive phrase bingo wings denotes the folds of loose skin or fat which hang from the undersides of a person’s upper arms—cf. also a crude phrase: ‘to see a woman’s breakfast’.. Those folds of loose skin are so named because they are common in older women, who are regarded as the type of person most likely to play bingo—as explained in the text containing the earliest