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Need the translation of "Deponent" in Luxembourgish but even dont know the meaning? Use to cover it all.

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How to say deponent in English? Pronunciation of deponent with 1 audio pronunciation, 6 synonyms, 1 meaning, 9 translations and more for deponent.

Deponent - deponent in afrikaans

de‧po‧nent [dɪˈpəʊnənt ǁ ˈpoʊ ] noun [countable] LAW someone who makes a statement in a court of law which they promise is true. A deponent can appear in court as a witness or make a written statement which is presented in court as evidence: • If

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Contextual translation of "deponent" into Afrikaans. Human translations with examples: verklaarder.

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De|po|nẹnt 〈m. 16〉 jmd., der etwas deponiert (hat) [zu lat. deponens „niederlegend“] * * * De|po|nẹnt , der; en, en [zu lat. deponens (Gen.: deponentis

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Afrikaans This list contains Afrikaans words with their English translations. The words included here are those that you are likely to find in genealogical sources. If the word you are lookingfor is not on this list, please consult a Afrikaans-Englishdictionary. (See the "Additional Resources" section below.) Afrikaans is a Germanic language

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Greek words for deponent include καταθέτης and μάρτυρας. Find more Greek words at!

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Hoe om te zeggen deponent in het Het catalaans? Uitspraak van deponent met 1 audio-uitspraak, en nog veel meer voor deponent.

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How to say Deponent in Afrikaans. Easily find the right translation for Deponent from English to Afrikaans submitted and enhanced by our users.

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English to Afrikaans Dictionary: deponent. Meaning and definitions of deponent, translation in Afrikaans language for deponent with similar and opposite words.

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Translation of deponent in Afrikaans. Translate deponent in Afrikaans online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge.

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deponent: An individual who, under oath or affirmation, gives out-of-court testimony in a deposition. A deponent is someone who gives evidence or acts as a witness. The testimony of a deponent is written and carries the deponents signature.

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de·po·nent /di pō nənt/ n: a person who gives a deposition compare affiant, witness Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law. Merriam Webster. 1996