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Lottery excel formulas

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Lottery wheeling not only increases your chances of winning the jackpot but it also increases your chances (by even more) of winning multiple medium prizes and a lot of smaller prizes. This is why past lottery winners advise that formulas be used if you are serious about winning the lottery.
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If you use =RAND()*49, Excel will return numbers from 0 to 48.999999. If you use =INT(RAND()*49)+1, Excel will return numbers from 1 to 49. With the Analysis Toolpack installed, you can use the simpler =RANDBETWEEN(1,49) to obtain integers between 1 and 49. Finally, is it even a good deal to play the lottery? Use the =COMBIN() function to find out. The Ontario lottery requires you to select 6 numbers …
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That is my life philosophy… The records are broken all the time…The technology is continuously advancinng thanks to even better ideas, solutions, formulas etc. What If Theres A Guy Who Can Beat The Lottery Anywhere In The World? From what I know the lotteries first appeared hundreds of years ago…in different forms.
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You can use the COMBIN function as follows to figure out the number of possible combinations for games in which you choose 6 of 40, 44, 48, and so on numbers:
Formula To Predict Lottery Numbers
Excel: Figure Out Lottery Probability. This page is an advertiser-supported excerpt of the book, Power Excel 2010-2013 from MrExcel - 567 Excel Mysteries Solved. If you like this topic, please consider buying the entire e-book.
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How to make an excel spreadsheetthat predicts lottery numbers. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.
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2. Enter formulas in Column A, Column B, and Column C: (1) In Cell A2, enter the formula =RAND (), and then drag the Fill handle to the range A2:A50. (2) In Cell B2, enter the formula =RANK ($A2,$A$2:$A$50)+COUNTIF (B$1:B1,B1)-1, and then drag the Fill Handle to the Range B2:B50. (In the formula, A2 is the random number left to current cell,
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According to some past lottery winners mathematical formulas based on probability and statistical analysis are capable of predicting the outcome of random events. As the lottery is a game where numbers are drawn randomly, then applying mathematics these type of formulas may be just what smart lottery players need to do.
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Enter the formula =COMBIN (A2,B2) in cell C2. Combinations of choosing 6 numbers. If your state lottery game requires you to select 6 numbers out of 40, then the odds against you winning are 3.83 million to 1. For a $1 bet and an $8 million payout, the odds are in your favor.
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Lottery players, however, do have a memory and should use Excel to guarantee a truly random number selection. Create one column with the draw date as a heading. In the cell underneath, type in "=RANDBETWEEN(1000,9999)" for a four-digit lottery. Adjust the number of zeros and nines accordingly depending on how many digits the lottery uses.
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