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Slogan Doctor: The National Lotterys slogan Life Changing

A Kerry player has won a life-changing €1m daily million prize from the National Lottery. Lottery chiefs are urging Daily Million players in the county to check their tickets after the top prize

This is how National Lottery winners spent their life

Two of the UK’s most reviled celebrities, Katie Price and Piers Morgan, make fun of themselves in the new campaign for the National Lottery. From start… The National Lottery Life Changing Ad Campaign - Katie Price on Vimeo

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Life is Changing Project overview. The group will deliver sessions for young adults with learning disabilities to support them with the transition to adult life by building confidence, self-esteem and skills in areas such as employability and money management and reducing social isolation.

The National Lottery Life Changing Ad Campaign - Katie

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Life is Changing | The National Lottery Community Fund

Since then, the Lottery has learned to emphasise its help for ordinary people. In March, AMV BBDO launched a national campaign and a new slogan: Life Changing. One ad featured a woman who once wanted to be a runner enjoying the Lottery-assisted success of her daughter. As the slogan suggests, a life was changed.