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Yahoo lottery scam

Yahoo lottery scam .? | Yahoo Answers
yahoo lottery scam
Lottery Scams: YAHOO and MSN MICROSOFT WINDOWS LOTTERY Lottery Scam Email: YAHOO & MSN MICROSOFT WINDOWS LOTTERY. If you dont see the obvious signs of a scam here, you ought to be worried: Yahoo and Microsoft are competitors. They dont "collects all the email addresses of the people that are active online" and their staff generally know how to spell simple words like "February" …
yahoo lottery is this a scam? | Yahoo
Although these lottery scams are nothing new, this scam started in December 2008 and 11.7 million emails were sent out by the time Yahoo caught on to what was going on. The lawsuit was started in 2009 and a settlement was reached in 2011 which awarded Yahoo $610 million against scammers who were actually able to trick customers into believing they won this bogus Yahoo lottery.
Lottery scam? | Yahoo Answers
Did you win the Yahoo Lottery or the Yahoo Internet Lottery? Lucky you! The photos and logos sure look nice. Just a few obvious problems: Dr. John Freeman sure makes a LOT loads of spelling errors for someone with a doctorate! Isnt it odd, that he signs his name "Carl A. Harrison"? It is a scam, like ALL emails that claim that Yahoo has a lottery (and you won it) - They dont and you didnt.
Yahoo lottery scams!!? | Yahoo Answers
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